Car Seat Headrest's Will Toledo Performed in a Fursuit Last Night

In addition to his now-signature gas mask, of course

BY Kaelen BellPublished Apr 1, 2022

Car Seat Headrest's Will Toledo has been appearing in a gas mask for a while now, embodying his new, stage-fright battling alter-ego Trait. However, during a show at Brooklyn Steel last night (March 31), Toledo took his costume to a whole new level with a full-body fursuit. 

Toledo confirmed his own previously-hinted-at furry status in a Reddit AMA a few years back, but the band's Brooklyn Steel show is the first time he's busted it out on stage. He didn't keep the suit on for the whole set — that thing must be hot as hell — though he kept his face hidden behind the light-up mask throughout. 

And, in a touching example of the real impact of representation, a fellow furry was then emboldened to crowdsurf, getting passed around in a light-blue costume — perhaps a squirrel — that included a big, heavy-looking mask/headpiece. 

Looks fun! And probably pretty sweaty and uncomfortable! Car Seat Headrest's last album was 2020's Making a Door Less Open, which marked the introduction of Toledo's gas-masked alter-ego. 

Check out some fan footage of the show below. 

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