Car Bomb Centralia

After a self-produced three-song sampler was sent to labels and press outlets, Relapse Records recognised Car Bomb’s glaring potential and quickly scooped up these New York auditory physicists. Centralia is their first full-length testimony to the twisted pulchritude of mechanical sonic depravity. Their anti-social tendencies play out in the vein of Fantomas’ schizophrenic bursts with all the intensity, brutality and time eschewing madness that has characterised Meshuggah’s illustrious career. Similar guitar tones and craftsmanship also evoke the same post-modern sensibility, while Car Bomb conjure their own ominous, jarring refrains within this intimidating pretext. Violent explosions are layered between dive-bombing chugs and precise, pounding mechanistic beats, coming together as a sinister machine specifically designed to eliminate any and all signs of life. Interestingly, many different techniques are explored vocally, occasionally drifting into Patton territory, using the voice as the versatile instrument many are afraid to toy with. With the intensity of a ten-ton hammer, Car Bomb’s Relapse inauguration will crush more than a few skulls. (Relapse)