Canvas Solaris Sublimation

Sublimation is the chemical leap from solid to gas with no liquid phase, which is exactly what has happened to Georgia’s Canvas Solaris. In the span of a mere 12 months since their debut, Spatial/Design, this ultra-power trio has lifted their avant-prog to otherworldly levels. Opener "Cosmopolysyndeton” deals their unusually dense math-metal, but "Spheres In Design” delves into more accessible King Crimson regions, with roiling passages of guitar, synth and bass interplay between Nathan Sapp and Ben Simpkins. "When Solar Winds Collide” adds acoustic segments into the mix and drummer Hunter Ginn shows his Neil Peart worship on the excellent "Cyclotron Emission.” Though not required, an advanced physics degree might help to navigate the near impenetrable "Syzygial Epiphany” and "Ekstatik Parataxis (The New Measure).” Fortunately, the band decelerates to ’80s-era Adrian Belew speed on the title track for a rousing and heartfelt jaunt over metal’s sleek armour (as if Dysrhythmia joined forces with Aghora) with Ginn’s ethnic doumbeks and djembes resonating throughout. Canvas Solaris will surely enjoy exponential success with Sublimation, a prime exemplar of technical metal for the ages. (Tribunal)