Canvas Solaris Sublimation

Instrumental prog/metal created by three dudes from, presumably, outer space, on a label that sent two generic metalcore discs at the same time as this? Man, sounds weird to me, but that kind of weirdness is what keeps music lovers on their feet, so kudos to Tribunal for the risky move. Canvas Solaris succeed where many progressive bands fail; this disc for the most part isn’t alienating, wanky, or ludicrously laborious (it’s only 38 minutes!). Even folks who aren’t obsessed with Dream Theater or Yes just might be able to enjoy this one, thanks to the incredibly crisp production, the tastefully talented restraint the band members show and the potential for mind-melting journeys enclosed within the suitably dorky packaging. The lack of vocals is a nice touch in this day and age of crappy vocalists spewing out crappy lyrics. Granted, even for those with patience, these 38 minutes can drag a bit, and it does get a bit overly wanky at times; but wait until you’re in the right mood, kick back, close your eyes and let the music do what it must to you. Now, let’s see a Karma To Burn/Dysrythmia/Canvas Solaris tour! (Tribunal)