Cancer Bats on Exclaim! TV Chatroom

Cancer Bats on Exclaim! TV Chatroom
Having just released their grimy-metalcore epic Searching For Zero, Canadian heavy hitters Cancer Bats are now set to embark on a tour of equally massive proportions in support of their new record. Before hitting the road, the band decided to drop by our office and take part in the latest instalment of Exclaim! TV's Chatroom, in which fans have the ability to reach out and ask their favourite bands and artists questions via social media.

Bandmates Liam Cormier, Jaye Schwarzer and Mike Peters show that they are a lot more easygoing than their music might make them out to be, with the three members fielding a number of fan questions (including a few from fellow Canadian hard-rocker Danko Jones). Topics of discussion include the ups and downs of making a new album, vintage video game consoles, and a harrowing tale involving a bottle of urine.

Watch the Chatroom session now in the player below.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio mixed by Kyle Laurin