Cam'ron Says the Safdie Brothers Snubbed Him on 'Uncut Gems'

He was originally promised a role in the film after introducing the directors to his jeweller

BY Josiah HughesPublished Mar 23, 2020

Uncut Gems will likely be a fan-favourite Adam Sandler film from now on, but the cult classic from Josh and Benny Safdie nearly had an entirely different cast. Not only did it initially star Jonah Hill, but apparently Cam'ron had been promised a role. In fact, the Dipset rapper's fingerprints are all over the film.

In a new Instagram post, Killa Cam has called out director Josh Safdie for allegedly promising him a lead role in the film after he introduced the filmmakers to his jeweller, Izzy Aranbayev.

In a piece of a Complex News item about Aranbayev shared by Cam'ron, Aranbayev reveals that it was in fact Cam that introduced the Safdies to the legendary jeweller. 

Cam said that he was initially promised a lead role alongside Jonah Hill, but when the film shifted over to Sandler, they gave him a "sucker ass role" and "then didn't even give me a thank you in the credits."

He added that Safdie is "still my guy.. but this needed to be said," adding, "And talk about my consultant fee lol.. Love and congrats to all."

While most believe that Uncut Gems is near-perfect as it is, we can't help but wonder what a Cam'ron cut would've looked like.

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