Cadence Weapon / Woodhands Richard’s On Richards, Vancouver BC September 25

Most musicians fancy their date with the spotlight, but Cadence Weapon seems to be an exception to the norm. The minute the Edmonton-based rapper (aka Rollie Pemberton) took the stage for the first show of his Canadian tour, he could barely keep his funky hip-hop tracks contained to the tiny platform.

Even though the crowd was already pumped and sweaty from a dance-happy Woodhands set, the simple on-the-spot indie shuffle wasn’t enough for Cadence. He immediately jumped ship and tried moshing with the crowd. Limbs flailed and hair whipped about. He then ran a lap through the audience, bolted back stage and re-emerged on his perch.

It was only appropriate that he begin his set with the first two tracks from his latest album, Afterparty Babies, especially since many displaced Edmontonians hit up the show to support their rapping crony. "Do I Miss My Friends?” and "In Search Of The Youth Crew” launched onlookers right into the artist’s "rave-hop” style of music. Electronic bits and bytes were mashed together with punchy beats and smooth lyrics, laying the foundation for an expressive (and at some points, a hilariously entertaining) performance.

Pemberton boogied with the audience more than he performed. From crowd surfing to tying the cord around his torso like garland on a Christmas tree, there was no shortage of energy. And considering the fact that he’d just been travelling for 25 hours from Switzerland, the kid could’ve skipped rope with a mic chord for hours if he was asked.

The club closer turned out to be a cover of Iggy Pop’s "I Need Somebody.” He invited Woodhands onstage to perform the song, a friendly invitation that left sticky, inebriated fans feeling as though Cadence Weapon was their own afterparty bosom buddy.