Cadence Weapon "Sharks"

Though the initial attraction to Cadence Weapon is likely his feisty, cowbell-heavy remix of Beastie Boys’ "Ch-Check It Out,” his own composition, "Sharks,” is a far better example of this MC/producer’s abilities. Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, this young hopeful sums up everything in the first sentence on his website: "I’m 18 and good.” The bravado may seem a little risky, but Cadence Weapon backs up the confidence with some truly stupefying hip-hop. Incorporating minimal beatscapes, video game noises and crafty bursts of synth, his lyrical flow is pure, effortless and playful like a young Canuck Roots Manuva. Currently working on an album titled Breaking Kayfabe (due in April), his mix-tape, Cadence Weapon Is The Black Hand, is currently available to buy via his website. (