Buzzcocks Live At Shepherds Buch Empire 2003

Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle are already two steps ahead of most of their peers from London's 1970s punk scene. Firstly, they're alive and secondly, they've managed to avoid any credibility-destroying career missteps. Even their reunion in 1989 yielded nothing but positive results, particularly 2003's self-titled full-length. Culled from a tour stop while supporting that record, this DVD features a whopping 32 tracks, with a set list drawing heavily from their '70s and '80s material, only occasionally touching on more recent music. In the case of songs like "Lester Sands," a relic from the very earliest incarnation of the band, or even "Wake Up Call," one of the most recent songs featured here, there remains little difference between the Buzzcocks of 1976 and that of today. They may be a little older, but "Orgasm Addict" never sounded so good. (MVD)