Busty and the Bass "Right Kind" (video)

Busty and the Bass 'Right Kind' (video)
Performing within the confines of a house is nothing new for nine-piece Busty and the Bass, having made a name for themselves blowing the roof off small house parties in Montreal early in their career. In a new video for Spare Room Sessions, the crew return to their house show roots to perform their slick original "Right Kind."

An airtight performance is made more impressive upon learning that the band members aren't even all in the same room of the house. While the keyboards and drums are stowed away in the basement, the four-piece horn section (who also step up to provide backing vocals) keep their soulful sounds to the main floor. MC Alistair Blu brings his synth and microphone to the bathroom, adding funky keyboard licks and a wealth of rhymes from behind closed doors.

Watch the video premiere for "Right Kind" in the player below.