Built to Spill Olympic Plaza, Calgary AB, June 25

Built to Spill Olympic Plaza, Calgary AB, June 25
Photo: Steve Louie
Much loved '90s indie rock band Built to Spill took to Olympic Plaza last night (June 25), touring in support of their first album featuring their current lineup, 2015's Untethered Moon. Melodic guitar playing courtesy of leader Doug Martsch, Steve Gere's precise drumming and Jason Albertini's thumping bass gave life to songs old and new from the group's lengthy career.
The band kept the set varied, performing "In The Morning" from There's Nothing Wrong With Love with all its recorded urgency. They dove into tracks from their latest album, including "So" and "All Our Songs," as Martsch's melancholic vocals were given energy by Gere's driving beat. The audience loved Martsch's lyric "Fuck all those people who don't understand" when it came up in an unreleased song.
The band also led festivalgoers through more downtempo material, major/minor key changes deepening the music's emotion. At times, Martsch's extensive solos felt a bit tiresome, but his and his band's individual talents were undeniable.