Bry Webb's Baby Boom

Bry Webb's Baby Boom
"I didn't break up the Constantines because I wanted a solo career," Bry Webb says in his cosy kitchen in Guelph, ON. "We stopped because I needed a break. We were having a baby here, he's arrived and everything's great, but I couldn't imagine being on tour right now."

After pulling his beloved Constantines off the road in 2010, Webb embraced life as a newlywed with an infant son, Asa. That entry into the murk of adulthood, as an idealistic punk rocker, is documented on Webb's stunning Provider, an album of tense, sparse songs that lifted him out of a veritable malaise.

While still a Con and living in Montreal, Webb formed the Harbourcoats and made an album. When he left Quebec and the band behind, their record spooked him somehow and he began to doubt himself. As it happened, Webb's old friend Feist heard it and invited him to duet on "The Bad in Each Other" from her latest album Metals.

"His voice has an authority to it and I've always believed that he believes in what he's singing," Feist gushes. "Plus, on a guitar level, I absolutely admire how unique and connected his playing is. I'd say he's my favourite guitarist I've watched all these years."

Though Feist spurred him on, Webb's biggest muse is at home. "The record is for Asa," he says. "When the Cons stopped playing, I spent a long time trying to figure out how to make music again. I was in a weird place with it and didn't write any songs for a while. Then Asa arrived and I started thinking about making music for him. It was the most liberating way of looking at making music that I'd felt in a long time. It's all for him."