Bry Webb Performs "Undertaker" and "Asa"

Bry Webb Performs 'Undertaker' and 'Asa'
The softer sounds of former Constantines singer/guitarist Bry Webb might be surprising to fans who have grown accustomed to his louder tunes with the aforementioned band. Webb is preparing to release his debut solo album, this November via Idée Fixe Records (which you can pre-order here). The album, entitled The Provider, consists of a new Bry Webb sound that is a reflection of the new paths that his life taking.

Exclaim! TV was fortunate to be invited to an exclusive sneak peak of some of Webb's newest tracks, which he performed for the TV crew at Toronto's 6 Nassau recording studio. Webb and his band performed "Asa" -- a lullabye written for his newborn son -- and "Undertaker," a humorous take on a comment made by Webb's grandmother regarding his disposition. Complete with two pedal-steel players and a double-bass, the band provided Exclaim! TV with moving and powerful performances.

Bry Webb is currently on a Canadian tour opening for Feist. Check out his performances of "Asa" and "Undertaker" for yourself, exclusively on Exclaim! TV.