Bruce Springsteen "Jack of All Trades"

Bruce Springsteen 'Jack of All Trades'
Another day, another cut from Bruce Springsteen's forthcoming LP Wrecking Ball. The Boss is continuing in his campaign to release a new song from the album each day, and today it's the fourth track, "Jack of All Trades."

This one is a slow, piano-based ballad that finds Bruce crooning about his talent for blue-collar labour (and subtly pointing out some of America's economic inequalities) while a gentle beat keeps a slow but steady pulse for six minutes.

There's a faint mariachi flavour once the horns enter halfway through, and the track eventually turns into an epic power ballad in the final minute with a ascendant, cloud-scraping guitar solo. But you better listen to this one now: the song will only be available for 24 hours.

Wrecking Ball is due out on March 6 via Columbia Records. You can order the album here

UPDATE: This stream was only available for 24 hours and is no longer available.