Bruce Springsteen Announces 'Wrecking Ball' Album, Hear the First Single Now

> Jan 19 2012

Bruce Springsteen Announces 'Wrecking Ball' Album, Hear the First Single Now
By Josiah HughesYesterday (January 18), we revealed that rock'n'roll legend Bruce Springsteen would be unveiling a brand new single called "We Take Care of Our Own" today. Now, the plot thickens as the Boss has announced a full album.

According to a UK iTunes listing [via Consequence of Sound], Wrecking Ball will drop on March 6 in North America and a day earlier abroad. Album opener "We Take Care of Our Own" can be streamed below.

The new record is called Wrecking Ball and will be Springsteen's 17th album overall. Rolling Stone reports that the album was produced by Ron Aniello and features guest spots from Tom Morello and studio drummer Matt Chamberlain. Sources told the Hollywood Reporter that the album is "an amazing sweep of influences and rhythms, from hip-hop to Irish folk rhythms."

Now we just need Springsteen to confirm the world tour he promised at the end of 2011.

Wrecking Ball:

1. "We Take Care of Our Own"
2. "Easy Money"
3. "Shackled and Down"
4. "Jack of All Trades"
5. "Death to My Hometown"
6. "The Depression"
7. "Wrecking Ball"
8. "You've Got It"
9. "Rocky Ground"
10. "Land of Hope and Dreams"
11. "We Are Live"
12. "Swallowed Up" (iTunes Bonus Track)
13. "American Land" (iTunes Bonus Track)

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You know POP music is going to shit when a friendly unit shifter like Springsteen rates as 'news'.
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Mozart was POP in his time, his music dind'nt - go to shit. Springsteen is is great; like any goood music it cannot be 'caged' into a silly categorisation. Learn to live wiht an open mind man, your comment is conservative shit.
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