Brothers, Red Cliff and More Reviewed in Exclaim!'s Film Round-Up

<i>Brothers</i>, <i>Red Cliff</i> and More Reviewed in Exclaim!'s Film Round-Up
Another Friday has come, and that means there is a fresh new set of film reviews are up online at the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed section. So to avoid catching a stinker at the theatre, be sure to check them out.

This weekend, we at Exclaim! recommend the new Jim Sheridan-directed Brothers, the remake of the acclaimed 2004 Danish film by Susanne Bier about family tension and transience. As we say in our review, "The result is one of the year's most emotionally opaque, well acted and beautiful films."

Also hitting theatres this weekend is John Woo's severely cut American version of his film Red Cliff. All we'll say here is that it's a bloodbath set in 208 A.D - you'll have to check out the review for more.

This weekend, we've also reviewed the new Kirk Jones film Everybody's Fine, in which typical bad boy Robert De Niro plays a lonely and hurting old man who shares a distant relationship with his four children. And The Private Lives of Pippa Lee is out, and features Robin Wright Penn as Pippa Lee, a woman who struggles to find herself between her over-generosity and her high-maintenance friends and family.

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