Brother's Keeper Forever Never Ending

This collection of unreleased, hard-to-find and compilation tracks would have been infinitely more interesting if the band had put the songs in chronological order, starting with their older material like "The Gift," "Chorus of Anger" and "Shadowcast." The listener would be able to trace their progression from a bare bones, mid-paced plodding hardcore band to a definite violent musical force with much improved musicianship and cohesiveness. The evidence of this improvement is clearly laid out in the excellence of tracks like "Hardcore Song" and "Four Five Sick." By ordering the CD tracks chronologically, one could also trace the development of vocalist Mike Ski from his early days of hardcore bellowing to his present state, where he sounds like a man who fellates columns of 100-grain sandpaper and gargles boric acid. This man’s voice is truly the sickest thing I’ve ever heard, but he’s entertaining and in some weird way, it catches your ear and fits the surrounding din. (Trustkill)