Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham Sonic Souvenirs

Not since his days in Galaxie 500 has Dean Wareham sounded so psychedelically lethargic as he does here alongside Luna band-mate Britta Phillips. There’s good reason, though, as this six-song EP was remixed by Spacemen 3 commander Pete Kember (aka Sonic Boom). All of these tracks are derived from Phillips and Wareham’s full-length debut, L’Avventura, which dropped about a year ago. Save perhaps for "Ginger Snaps,” none of this material was particularly catchy nor melodic the first time around, but it makes for rather ripe, burn-out remix fare. This is no kid-gloves studio treatment, either, as Kember performs wholesale cosmetic surgery throughout, running isolated elements through all manner of filters and even going so far as to introduce additional recorded material. If the original disc sounded like the duo was about to get a room, this one sounds like they scored a bag on the way to the motel. Galaxie 500 fans ought to enjoy this, while Luna fans may wonder what the point is. No easy answer to that one. (Jetset)