Bring Me the Horizon Count Your Blessings

Although there already exist far too many descriptions in the metal dictionary that end in "core,” Bring Me The Horizon’s dubbing of their sound as deathcore is actually pretty accurate. Earache’s latest buzz-band has a pretty similar sound to Cannibal Corpse, in terms of riffs and production. Fuse this with the traditional spattering of breakdowns and chugging and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what deathcore is. The quality of Count Your Blessings is actually not too shabby. The aforementioned strong production makes the overall experience more digestible, and the fact that these guys aren’t just another breakdown happy metalcore band makes the listen a little more interesting. Upon first hearing the fusion of genres, fans of Killwhitneydead will certainly find something similar, save for the samples, of course. The vitriolic lyrics and brutally heavy guitar work are also definite strong points. All this could see this young band getting some well-deserved exposure. And with song titles such as "Tell Slater Not To Wash His Dick,” how could the public not love ’em? (Earache)