Brent Faiyaz Sonder Son

Brent Faiyaz Sonder Son
Brent Faiyaz is perhaps best known for his feature on the chorus of Goldlink's catchy "Crew," but on his debut album Sonder Son, he slows it down and reflects on his past. The singer takes listeners on a journey through his recently found fame.
Simple instrumentals and a melodic voice play secondary components to the story here, which unfolds across 12 tracks. Faiyaz reflects on his past dealings with family, friends and lovers over simple beats on songs like "Home," "Gang Over Luv" and "Missin Out" as the Maryland native looks both internally and at his surroundings to search for what he really wants out of life.

Although his songwriting vividly depicts his life thus, far the lack of instrumental variety throughout the project can make it tough to discern some songs from one another.
On Sonder Son, Brent Faiyaz reflects on his past as he pushes forward in his career. Next time around, it would be interesting to see Faiyaz sing across a broader range of sounds. (Independent)