Breaking The Fourth Wall Manifesto

Opting to spread Christ's gospel through an experimental hardcore punk sound, Montreal-based Breaking The Fourth Wall's EP, Manifesto, is a solid effort. Kicking things off with rapid drums, the band's genre mixing flow whiplashes as they rush from fast-paced to slow and melodic during this six-track disc. Riddled with quirky riffs, guitarist Luca Santilli provides nice spurts of melody between typical-sounding breakdowns. On vocals, Matthew Savage delivers nice, clean growls but it's Santilli's back-up singing that's appealing. Musically, Manifesto is jam-packed with mosh moments but lyrically, it's sub par, to say the least. With tracks like "You Were Really Pretty Until You Opened Your Mouth" and "New Wave Feminism Destroyed Old Fashioned Family Values" discussing vague themes of distrust and heartbreak, the quality of the lyrics doesn't fit with the band's well thought-out, structured tunes. (Independent)