Brat Attack From This Beauty Comes Chaos and Mayhem

A world ahead of their already-strong previous full-length, Destruction Sound System, this latest release from Winnipeg’s the Brat Attack builds on the fast political punk rock of its predecessor with better production, better songwriting, and even greater energy. Kicking off with the double-header of "One Solution” and "Call to Action,” the record begins with, literally, a call to action, rallying the listener to the band’s cause around a chorus of "whoas” and some stirring spoken word. Barrelling through the next six tracks with calculated abandon, the band chart out classic, Ramones-ish pop-punk on "Pro-Life Murders,” move into ’80s D.C. hardcore on "Mr. Capitalist,” and conclude with the Bad Religion-styled "My Declaration as an Internationalist.” Never ones for subtlety, the band spend every one of these songs hammering home their message, and by the disc’s end, it’s safe to say the listener probably knows exactly where they stand. (Underground Operations)