Brat Attack One Revolution Per Minute

Dave Zegarac is one of the best-known figures in Winnipeg's punk rock scene, and after experimenting with ska, hardcore and emo, Zegarac's newest effort is a return to his pop-punk roots. Some of the songs on One Revolution Per Minute have been passed down from his previous bands, and some of the album's best tracks, like the anthemic sing-along "Dyno-mite," are so well known locally that other Winnipeg bands have taken to covering them. Although more than half of One Revolution Per Minute's songs are recycled, the three-piece Brat Attack manages to inject a dose of new energy and feeling into them. Bassist Anastasia's voice is the perfect complement to Zegarac's by-the-numbers pop-punk vocals. While some of these new versions are certainly slower and poppier, the melodic hooks and political poignancy of the lyrics remain. Brat Attack originals like "One Lie" and "A Foreign Policy Soaked In Blood" continues in the Zegarac tradition of angry, politically-charged lyrics. Unlike fellow 'Peg city politicos Propagandhi, the bubblegum punk is easily palatable. Although One Revolution Per Minute is somewhat of a nostalgia piece of a particular Winnipeg sub-genre, these songs are too good to be confined to a strictly local audience. (3rd Generation)