Botch Unifying Themes Redux

Botch’s legacy is of a rare nature. They’re the type of band whose seemingly omnipresent influence continues grow, almost certain to be heralded ten, even 20 years from now as one defining thousands. Originally released on Excursion Records in 2002, this collection of early work from out of print seven-inch records, EPs and various compilations lends insight to the modern state of hardcore/metalcore, though few have been able to replicate the creative authenticity defining their groundbreaking style. Their refreshing brand of technical violence transitions flawlessly through bass laden grooves, feverous discordant spasms, metallic punk beats, and the occasional atmospheric pause, weaving at a maddening pace through cohesive and clever songs. The disc closes on a 20-minute live performance, surprisingly well-recorded at New Jersey’s WFMU, giving the listener a taste of the band at an organic level. The first of four instalments planned for the next year on Hydra Head, Botch fans can rejoice knowing there’s still more to come. (Hydra Head)