Bob Lanois

Snake Road

BY Jason SchneiderPublished Feb 16, 2007

Although it’s hardly accurate to say that Lanois has lived in his younger brother Daniel’s shadow — Bob has long been admired for his own studio expertise, as well as his work as a photographer and filmmaker — this first solo recording is really an overdue collaboration between the two. The nine instrumental tracks, all written by Bob on his primary instrument — the harmonica — are fleshed out by Daniel in the ambient style that fans would expect, but is most reminiscent of his own recent instrumental album, Belladonna. What makes this album unique, however, are the many melodies that obviously reflect the family’s francophone heritage. Bob seems most comfortable playing harmonica in this style, rather than leaning on any well-worn blues influences, giving Snake Road a surprising freshness and unmistakably Canadian feel. While he is admittedly still getting used to being a musician in his own right, Bob Lanois has gotten off on the right foot with this record, and has whetted appetites for more collaborations with Daniel in the near future.
(Cordova Bay)

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