Bob Dylan's Songs Getting Adapted for 'Time Out of Mind' TV Series

Bob Dylan's Songs Getting Adapted for 'Time Out of Mind' TV Series
Bob Dylan's readying his second collection of Frank Sinatra covers for release next month, but it's the singer's original work that will be providing the source material for a new TV show called Time Out of Mind.

Writer/director Josh Wakely has secured a rights deal for Dylan's catalogue, Variety reports, and he is currently developing an hour-long drama series based on the characters and themes in Dylan's tunes.

While details have not been fully fleshed out yet, Lionsgate TV and Amazon are currently in negotiations with Wakely, whose Sydney-based company Grace will produce the show.

If Wakely's name sound familiar, it might be because he is also the creator behind the musically-minded kids show Beat Bugs, which will feature episodes inspired by Beatles songs and features contributions from artists like Eddie Vedder, Pink and Sia.

There's no word yet on when we can expect the Dylan-inspired series to get released, but that leaves plenty of time for fans to speculate on which of the songwriter's beloved characters might make the cut. Here's hoping for a guest appearance from Neil Young; the folk icon gets namedropped in the 16-minute epic "Highlands," the final song on the 1997 LP from which the show takes its name.