Blur Starshaped

Starshaped is the long lost Blur documentary from the pre-Britpop days when they were a bunch of skinny, drunken hopefuls suffering from a musical identity crisis. The film follows Blur from 1991 to '93 on their stops across the summer festival trail. The concert footage is attractively spliced with clips of various performances, but it's the offstage banter that gives the film its charm — seeing a well-known band so intimately, this early in their career, is a real treat. Their young, pompous naïveté is displayed best in the actions of Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon. The former's foolish onstage antics force a P.A. to fall onto and injure his leg, while the latter drunkenly slags off PJ Harvey ("She wishes she was a man and only talks about her monthlies") and meekly attempts to drink a cup of tea on a bumpy bus ride. A full '93 concert is included, as well as a portion of a very early concert making this DVD well worth the wait. (EMI)