Blue Rodeo to Be Inducted into Canadian Music Hall of Fame

Blue Rodeo to Be Inducted into Canadian Music Hall of Fame
Blue Rodeo, one of the most celebrated Canadian acts of the last few decades, will be getting more well-deserved acclamation next year when the alt-country outfit get inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

A press release explains that the group will be honoured at the 2012 Juno Awards, which take place April 1 at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa.

"I'm sure many Canadians feel just like I do... that Blue Rodeo has been there with a song that deeply resonated with certain moments of our lives over the last 25 years or so," the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences/Juno Awards president and CEO Melanie Berry said in a statement. "Blue Rodeo is indisputably one of Canada's most beloved bands, and I'm pleased that they are continuing their craft and sharing their incredible gift of songwriting and musicality to yet another generation of music lovers. I join millions of Canadians in congratulating Blue Rodeo on this great achievement."

Having delivered countless hit since forming in 1984, from early triumphs like "Try" to Canadiana classics like "Five Days In May" and "Hasn't Hit Me Yet" all the way up to the tunes off their latest epic double-disc The Things We Left Behind, Blue Rodeo have made an indelible impression on the nation's music scene, as well as abroad.

For the record, despite their clout, the band appear extremely appreciative of the all the love from their mother country.

"We couldn't be more honoured to be going into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. We have always been grateful for our long musical journey above the 49th parallel," guitarist/vocalist Jim Cuddy said, before adding that the nod won't be capping their illustrious career. "Though far from over, we humbly take our place among those who given us so much inspiration."

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