Bloodlet Detail 'Entheogen' Reissue

Bloodlet Detail 'Entheogen' Reissue
Just ahead of Bloodlet's reunion show at A389 Recordings' 10th anniversary bash, the Florida metalcore combo have fit the previously teased reissue of the act's Entheogen album with a solid due date.

Both the deluxe double LP and their "Embrace" 7-inch, which features a previously unreleased track recorded back in 1994, hit stores via A389 on February 7. Entheogen arrives in a one-time pressing of 1,000 copies, in cooperation with Bloodlet's former label Victory, who had issued the set back in 1996.

The Entheogen reissue was remastered at Audiosiege and is spread out onto two 45 rpm 12-inches. While the original vinyl platter featured six of the 10 songs that appeared on the CD edition, this double-LP pressing is presented "in its complete and correct playing sequence." Also included in the package is a 24"x36" poster insert of the cover art (see above), which was done by former Isis member Aaron Turner.

As for the "Embrace" 7-inch, the single includes the previously unreleased song, which had been recorded in 1994 at the same time as Bloodlet's Shell 7-inch. Hardcore webzine XStuckInThePastX discovered the "ominous, swamp-born metalcore" and forwarded it to A389. The B-side features an etching of "the magic circle." 

You can stream all of Entheogen below, as well as listen to "Embrace" at the bottom of the page.

The A389 Recordings X Bash takes place at Baltimore's Sound Stage on January 16 to 18. Bloodlet's one-time reunion will take place on January 18.


1. Eucharist
2. Something Wicked
3. Annulment
4. One And Only
5. Shell
6. CPAI-75
7. The Triumph
8. Eucharist
9. 95
10. CPAI-76