Bloodlet Unearth Demo Recordings for 7-inch, Plot Deluxe 'Entheogen' Reissue

Bloodlet Unearth Demo Recordings for 7-inch, Plot Deluxe 'Entheogen' Reissue
Following news that Florida's Bloodlet are playing a one-off reunion show next January at the A389 Records 10th anniversary bash alongside Haymaker and Integrity, the '90s evilcore devastators have now revealed plans to issue previously unheard demo material and a deluxe edition of their debut full-length Entheogen in the new year as well.

Both records will be served up through A389 Records, with the first offering being a 7-inch of material recorded in 1994. The vinyl single will include an unheard cut called "Embrace," which had been tracked during the same sessions as their Shell 7-inch. The songs that had made it onto the single were later collected on the Eclectic compilation on Victory Records.

"Embrace" had been discovered by hardcore webzine StuckInThePastX before being forwarded to A389, and a press release promises that the song delivers the "ominous, swamp-born metalcore" Bloodlet are known for. It's unclear at present what else will be on the 7-inch, though the record arrives sometime in January.

Further into 2014, A389 will reissue 1996's Entheogen LP as a double-LP. Details on the tracklisting and the estimated release date have yet to be revealed, but the songs are currently being remastered at Audiosiege Studios in Portland, OR. The original pressing, also released through Victory, had fit six songs onto a single LP, and ten onto the CD edition, so presumably the expanded vinyl release will include all those tracks, and perhaps more. More information on both upcoming Bloodlet releases is expected to be unfurled in the near future.

The A389 Records 10th anniversary bash, meanwhile, goes down January 17 and 18 at Baltimore's Sound Stage venue.