Blood Diamonds Details 'Phone Sex' 12-Inch with Grimes

Blood Diamonds Details 'Phone Sex' 12-Inch with Grimes
Blood Diamonds (aka Mike Tucker) had previously tweeted that he was dropping a new collaborative track with Grimes called "Phone Sex," but his initial April due date has long since come and gone. Better late than never, it's just been announced the song will be pressed on vinyl this summer through 4AD, who will release it on July 24.

The wax platter will place the original with two remixes by Unicorn Kid and Jensen Sportag, and another new number called "Ritual."

Grimes had previously explained that "Phone Sex" was written after drinking a ton of gin, and described the song as "a K-pop version of 'We Found Love' by Rihanna." A statement from Blood Diamonds gives a little more insight into the pair's creative process, though his story doesn't skimp out on the silly:

We wanted to do a big pop song and wrote it in my bedroom in a night. I played the track later that week at a Blood Diamonds show with Claire as the secret guest. It was ridiculous. We wore LED glasses and projected the PS2 game Rez onto a mise-en-scène of Twin Peaks, whilst performing on a slippery stage due to the opening act (ice skaters on fake ice dancing to a David Lynch cover orchestra). Later that month, I reproduced "Phone Sex" with halo drums and we re-wrote the lyrics together. When Claire came over to work on those, I didn't have my phone on me and she slept on my complex's porch for half an hour, I still feel bad about it. The song was mixed down in Kansas City on a board which was also used on Thriller (mostly did this for laughs).

UPDATE: You can listen to "Phone Sex" below.

Phone Sex:

1. Phone Sex (ft. Grimes)

2. Ritual

3. Phone Sex (Unicorn Kid remix)

4. Phone Sex (Jensen Sportag remix)