Blondshell and Bully Are a Match Made in Grunge-Pop Heaven on "Docket"

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BY Megan LaPierrePublished Mar 27, 2024

Blondshell and Bully are both artists operating under monikers that start with the letter B who released noteworthy albums last year (Blondshell and Lucky for You, respectively). It perhaps should come as no surprise that they would be a match made in decadent, debaucherous grunge-pop heaven on "Docket," the artist born Sabrina Teitelbaum's latest single, which Alicia Bognanno lends her vocals to.

Something about Bognanno's presence brings a newfound warmth to Blondshell, making "Docket" feel like a step up from her already very good debut album. The towering, ascendent chorus suspends itself in the air, as Teitelbaum's signature jagged pen shines up gritty lyrical gems like opener, "I said, 'Don't shake my hand, it's wet' / He said, 'I'll kiss it instead' / He said, 'I saw the whole show' / 'I'm not scared of the sweat.'"

In press notes, Teitelbaum says the song is about "splitting off from yourself," but also "just a bit about being reckless." She and Bognanno find the unvarnished sweetness in the knowingly shameful — "He should be with someone more in love / Not someone who's eating for free — and make having a wandering eye sound like a windows-down, fun-loving problem to have.


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