Bloc Party's Russell Lissack Hospitalized After Lion Attack

Bloc Party's Russell Lissack Hospitalized After Lion Attack
Here's one of the strangest rock'n'oll injuries you will ever hear about: Russell Lissack, guitarist for both Bloc Party and Ash, was hospitalized after being bitten by a lion.

The incident happened earlier this month while on tour in South Africa with Ash. Spinner reports that frontman Tim Wheeler and Lissack took some time out of their touring schedule to go to a wild animal sanctuary. Lissack was playing with a lion cub when it attacked and bit him.

He was taken to hospital, but his bad luck didn't end there. The hospital was quarantined shortly after, when two men died as a result of a mystery virus. Then, while returning to their hotel, the band got in a car crash.

Luckily, everyone was okay, and they are now back home.

Ash's A-Z Vol. 2 compilation is out on October 11 in the UK. Bloc Party, meanwhile, are on an indefinite hiatus.

Earlier this year, Lissack also unveiled his electronic side-project, Pin Me Down.