Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

BY Stuart GreenPublished Aug 1, 2001

From the "if it isn't broke, don't fix it" file comes the fifth studio album from the reining kings (at least as far as record sales go) of goofy pop punk. Following the simple four-chord music and foul-mouthed lyrics formula that made their Enema of the State album the multi-platinum commercial smash it was - and no doubt under pressure to repeat that success - the trio sticks so rigidly to the script that it's hard to tell where the Enema... ends and the Take Off... begins. There are the cool punk songs ("Anthem Part Two" and "Rock Show"), the girl songs ("Online Songs" and "First Date"), the dirty, funny song ("Happy Holidays, You Bastard"), the slow song ("Story of a Lonely Guy") and so on. The only thing missing is the serious message song, à la Enema's "Adam's Song." None of which is to say this is bad record, for what it is, it's enjoyable enough. Unfortunately it's also predictable and formulaic. Simply put, fans will love it, non-fans won't.

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