Bleeding Out's 'Lifelong Death Fantasy' Brings Grindcore and Death Metal Together in Unholy Matrimony

BY Mark TremblayPublished Oct 29, 2020

With a group built from former members of Fuck the Facts and Endless Blockade, Bleeding Out's Lifelong Death Fantasy is the kind of grindcore/death metal mashup that fans of the genres hope for.

Through a furry of blast beats and tremolo-picking guitar passages, Bleeding Out's Lifelong Death Fantasy sets itself out as the defining grindcore album of 2020. The album starts off on an expected fast pace with the title track and "Realm of Silence." Both of these tracks exemplify Bleeding Out's ability to effortlessly pivot from blistering grindcore to neanderthal-like sludge metal. This ability only grows more evident throughout the album, and peaks on the album's closer, "Mechanized Decomposition" — a perfect blend of slow, down-tuned chugs, placed between blistering blast beat sequences. When it comes to employing contrast, very few do it as well as Bleeding Out.

For a record of this nature, Bleeding Out do an excellent job with pacing. The instrumental track "Nightmares Forged in Blood" does an excellent job operating as a palate cleanser to prepare the listener for what is to be expected on the back-end of the album. Overall, Bleeding Out's Lifelong Death Fantasy an extreme metal record that delivers on all fronts.
(Profound Lore)

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