The Bled Pass the Flask

The first seconds of this record are somewhat deceiving, giving the listener the impression that they’re getting into a full metalcore assault. Emotive, illustrious picking that is layered over building chords, capturing the spirit of plain old rock’n’roll, immediately dispels these thoughts. The Bled essentially sound like a dance retarded Refused meets every hardcore band in existence. Their breakdowns are numerous but can be unconventional, if only because the squeals are unusually placed. The chord progressions are played anywhere from emotive strumming to mosh chugging, and while the riffs can be very intricate they tend towards very drab. Vocally, there’s an Alexisonfire attitude, mainly because of the stylising of annunciation. There are a few talking moments, with typical lines like "I’ll wait for you tonight” and a couple off key sing/screams such as "I hope they love you like I did.” They do attempt to keep it exciting and while it’s an admirable effort, they just don’t make the cut. The Bled definitely have a chance to ride on coattails, but they won’t be redefining any precincts. (Distort)