Blackalicious 4/20 Live in Seattle

Blackalicious opens this hype performance with their classic "Alphabet Aerobics” and continue through hits like "Blazing Arrow,” "Deception” and "Lady Don't Tek No” before ending with a wicked freestyle jam spotlighting everyone involved in the tour. Unfortunately, the transfer of the concert to DVD leaves much to be desired. While the full feature option includes informative and interesting interview answers spliced between songs, the concert-only option contains hard cuts where the interviews were excised away without reintegrating the missing concert footage. So, no matter how you choose to watch it, 4/20 Live in Seattle never allows the momentum to build as it would in a live setting, and that's a shame. Still, at least they include a quick visit to the tour bus and the video for "Deception” as bonus goodies. (MVDvisual)