Black Mastiff Pyramids

Well, I'm tempted to say it makes sense that Edmonton would produce some world-class stoner rock, but I'm not quite sure why. But, it's true: here, on their debut, Black Mastiff lay down a big, thick groove reminiscent of Clutch in a pretty big way. Featuring Choke alumni, Black Mastiff come pretty close to capturing prime-era Sabbath grooves as well, mainly with the excellent "Rolling" (opening lyric: "If you leave me/I will kill you"). Lots of tunes, like, ahem, "Stoned Wolves," have a nice, slow-moving vibe to them, the occasional fuzzed-out guitar solo chiming in, ride cymbal carrying things along, everyone dazed and confused. This one rises above the ultra-crowded stoner rock genre with its seriously '70s vibe, cool and lazy vocal delivery, warm production and adherence to the riff over everything else. (Independent)