Black Flag Sue FLAG for Copyright Infringement

Black Flag Sue FLAG for Copyright Infringement
The year of the Black Flag wars is upon us, as not one but two versions of the seminal hardcore punk band have reunited and are playing the band's songs on tour. Now, things have turned sour, as Greg Ginn (of Black Flag and SST Records) has filed a lawsuit against FLAG (the Black Flag band featuring Keith Morris, Dez Cadena, Bill Stevenson and Chuck Dukowski).

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Ginn filed a lawsuit on Friday (August 2), claiming that the name Flag, along with that band's use of the iconic four bars logo, was a copyright infringement.

Ginn claims that he and his own SST Records own the rights to the name and logo, and that "Flag" is a "colorable immitation" that's "likely to cause confusion, mistake or deception among consumers."

For some reason, Henry Rollins is also named as a defendant, even though he has nothing to do with either of the current Black Flag lineups.

You can check out the full lawsuit here.