The Black Crowes Announce Croweology, North American Tour and Indefinite Hiatus

The Black Crowes Announce <i>Croweology</i>, North American Tour and Indefinite Hiatus
What better way than for the Black Crowes to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut, Shake Your Moneymaker than by breaking up? Wait, well, we can think of better ways the long-running jam band could pat themselves on the back for being such a great rock band for all these years, but they're figuring it's better to burn out than fade away, and we can't fault them for that. But before they leave, they're leaving fans Croweology.

The album, which follows last year's Before the Frost... Until the Freeze, is a double-disc collection containing acoustic re-recordings of songs from throughout the band's career. Sure, the big hits will be covered, but so will deep cuts from their albums.

And while it's acoustic, the band members have said it's more of an upbeat, Led Zeppelin III kind of acoustic album, according to an interview with Rolling Stone. Guitarist Rich Robinson told the magazine that Croweology is "heavy for an acoustic record" and drummer Steve Gorman added that "this is a surprisingly uptempo record."

The set, recorded live in the studio in five days, is set to be released on August 3 on vinyl and CD on the band's own Silver Arrow Records, through long-running metal label Megaforce Records, at which point the band will embark on their "Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys" tour.

The massive tour, which begins on August 13 and will culminate in a six-night stand at San Francisco's Fillmore (a multi-night affair the band does annually) and ends on December 19, will only touch down in Canada once: October 27 at Massey Hall in Toronto. Head to the band'swebsite for a complete list of tour dates.

The shows on the tour will be unique in that the band will play a 90-minute acoustic set followed by a 90-minute electric set, the songs in which will change from night to night. And, man, everyone's going to be exhausted after that, so maybe it makes sense that at that point, the band are going to - at least temporarily - say goodbye. Although they broke up in 2002 (and stayed that way until 2005), it wasn't on good terms. Now, due to family obligations and just feeling it was time, the band have decided to take an indefinite hiatus, with no plans to stay broken up or get back together, just to let the rock chips fall where they may.

Vocalist Chris Robinson said the following in a statement:

"With a smile so wide you can count my teeth and with a heart so full of love that it is spilling over the rim, I offer a humble and simple thank you. Thank you for your time, your imaginations, your heartaches, and joy. Thank you for 20 years of cosmic rock'n'roll. Twenty years of keeping it weird. Twenty years of chasing horizons... This year the music is only for you as we celebrate what has been, what is now, and whatever will be."