Björk's "Long-Dormant Dream" of Narrating a Nature Documentary Has Come True

Björk's mushroom fascination continues with 'Fungi: Web of Life'

BY Kaelen BellPublished Dec 4, 2023

Björk loves fungus. The sonic and visual aesthetic of last year's Fossora is built around mushrooms and their underground networks of communication, and that fascination is now being translated into the world of film.

It's not a film by Björk, but it's a "long dormant dream" of hers nonetheless — the Icelandic icon will be narrating Fungi: Web of Life, the new documentary from Merlin Sheldrake, author of 2020's fungi-focused Entangled Life

"Fungi are so much more than mushrooms," Björk says in the trailer, which features some seriously beautiful and just a little freaky footage of various fungi. 

The documentary's official description reads:

Much of life on Earth is connected by a vast, hidden network that we are only just beginning to understand. Out of sight, between the world of plants and animals, another world exists -- the kingdom of fungi. From the ancient Tasmanian Tarkine Rainforest to the mystical wilds of China's Yunnan Province, come search for solutions to some of our planet's biggest challenges.

In a Tweet about the film, Björk wrote:

a long dormant dream of mine to narrate a nature documentary has come to fruition .

and i am blessed it is not just any but featuring the magnificent merlin sheldrake
and about fungi .

i hope you will enjoy this


Fungi: Web of Life is set to come out in January 2024. This is obviously far from being Björk's first foray into environmental causes — just last month, she released "Oral" (one of our favourite songs of the year), her collaboration with Rosalía made to aid the fight against commercial salmon farming in Iceland. 

Check out the trailer below. 

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