Björk's "Audio Coins" Cryptocurrency Is Literally Worth Only Pennies

The crypto rewards were released alongside 2017's 'Utopia'
Björk's 'Audio Coins' Cryptocurrency Is Literally Worth Only Pennies
While the world gets itself on the NFT bandwagon, it's not always good news in crypto land. Take for example Björk's "Audio Coins" cryptocurrency. Despite launching back in 2017, these days they are only worth about 7 cents.

As some fans may remember, Björk treated fans to free crypto rewards when they bought her Utopia album directly via her website. At the time, fans were given 100 Audio Coins, but the current boom has done little to give them any sort of real value.

As pointed out in the Record of the Day mailout [via The Line Best Fit], those 100 Audio Coins are now worth only about 4p — or 7 cents Canadian.

And while that's definitely no number to be proud of, we should point out that at the time of release 100 of Björk's Audio Coin were only worth about 20 cents anyway.

As The Next Web reported back in 2017, Björk's cryptocurrency was part of a partnership with British startup called Blockpool.

At the time, Blockpool CEO Kevin Bacon said, "This isn't about jumping on a bandwagon or trying to get rich quick. It's about doing things where you use blockchain and the crypto benefits in ways that people haven't thought of yet. And in this case, very much led by Björk and her team's creative vision for what this technology can do."