Björk Teams Up with Shygirl and Sega Bodega for New "Ovule" Remix

"It has been so nourishing sharing music with shy and sega … soooo honoured to be in their hands !!"

BY Kaelen BellPublished Jan 20, 2023

Björk dropped Fossora back in September, and that same month she appeared on Jo Whiley's BBCR2 show, where she named Shygirl — along with Rihanna, Beyoncé, Kelela, Rosalía and SZA — as a contemporary artist she loves. Now, that fandom has come full circle with a new remix of Fossora's second single "Ovule," featuring Shygirl and Sega Bodega. 

When you hear that Shygirl and Sega Bodega have remixed Björk, you might (understandably) expect the kind of playful, sexed-up romp that Shygirl is so good at crafting — but the duo's take on "Ovule" is something much softer and more emotive, grafting the romantic poetics of Björk's original onto a shadowy, touching pop song that rides off on a swathe of rich strings. 

"All I feel is bliss / When I think of you," Shygirl sings over Bodega's tumbling beat and spacious whispers of atmosphere — the whole thing is really beautiful, and it recalls the grandiosity and relative accessibility of Björk's work in the '90s and early 2000s. 

Check it out below, where you'll also find a statement from Björk. 


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