Bishop Nehru and DOOM NehruvianDOOM

Bishop Nehru and DOOM NehruvianDOOM
Q: What do you get when an up-and-coming 17-year-old lyrical, leftfield New York emcee bumps into the Masked Supervillain in a red cave in London inhabited by gazelles?

A: A super dope album (entirely produced by DOOM) bursting at the seams with ill rhymes from DOOM and his young disciple over classic out-there production from Metal Face himself.

The album opens up with the lyric-less "First Day of Class," some loose funk reminiscent of DOOM's DangerDOOM collab with producer Danger Mouse, which quickly transitions into "Om," the fast-paced cartoon caper that finds young Bishop (who sounds at times like Deltron-era Del if you ask me) coasting comfortably over the best while DOOM supplies the chorus, "Straight to the dome/ Right between the eyes/ All of y'all can get it/ So don't be too surprised guys..." On "So Alone," Nehru tells us why he's lonely (How lonely could a young emcee who's buzzing in the underground really be?!) over some spacey, glittering jazz. At only nine tracks, the album delivers big time in such a short trip and definitely leaves the listener wondering what gems this super duo left on the cutting-room floor. The album closes off with "Disastrous," which is far from it, as DOOM and Nehru sound tight together, like they've been doing this for years. Over MF's "After-School Special"-on-acid vibes, Nehru pushes out some positivity — "...reminding yourself/ That it ain't worth the stress/ Live life with an open chest..." — while DOOM just talks about his unruly beard: "...they call him Brillo-pad beard/ Now on with the show/ His flow was mad weird..."

It's great to have DOOM back on this release, and it's even better that's he's joined forces with a young emcee in Nehru that shows a hell of a lot of promise on this project. The Metal-Faced Villain and his sidekick Bishop Nehru make quite the dynamic duo, indeed; Batman and Robin ain't got shit on these two. (Lex)