Bishop Nehru Talks Meeting DOOM for the First Time for 'NehruvianDOOM'

Bishop Nehru Talks Meeting DOOM for the First Time for 'NehruvianDOOM'
You've been asleep if you haven't heard the buzz circulating around 18-year-old New York MC Bishop Nehru and his newly released collaboration, NehruvianDOOM, entirely produced by masked villain DOOM himself.

When Exclaim! asked how he and the notoriously secretive MC/producer first hooked up, Nehru reveals, "I met DOOM in London in this cave. Like a red cave. There was like these bats in there, and like the deer and the gazelle. Then I pushed past the gazelle and this n**** DOOM was right there with the MPC and everything and I was like 'ill.' Then he said, 'Nah, n**** you don't rap!' and I'm like 'What!?' Then I spit some shit and he was like 'Aiight.'"

We always knew DOOM was weird, but this meeting may take the cake.

But before more confusion set in, Bishop brought us back down to this earth for a minute: "Nah, for real though, I met him at the 100 Club in London and I hooked up with him and Ghostface there. That was the red cave I was talking about!"

Having built considerable buzz with his lyrical dexterity, mature-beyond-his-years flow and leftfield subject matter on such projects as the StrictlyFLOWz and Nehruvia mixtapes, Bishop has DOOM fans excited because "MF... the holder of the money folder" has decided to take the young rapper under his mask.

After they initially met, Nehru says, "Before we even got in the studio we linked up and like chilled to have dinner, to get to know each other. He's a real cool dude."

As any DOOM fans know, it's hard to find any pics of him anywhere without the mask, but did he leave it on during dinner? "He had the mask on at dinner," Nehru reveals. "He only take the mask off before he go to bed. He can't go nowhere without the mask."

NehruvianDOOM is out now via Lex Projects/Noizy Cricket.