Birdapres Get It Done

With two of the best releases for Peanuts & Corn under his belt — the critically-acclaimed Alleged Legends with Moves and the popular-selling Nothing Is Cool with mcenroe — Birdapres returns to the label that has given him his best years in order to unleash his newest solo. With P&C-head and in-house producer mcenroe — one of Canada’s most consistent producers — behind the boards, Get It Done is guaranteed to impress, although it’s likely Bird, a walking break-encyclopaedia, added his own personal touch to the production. Neither gimmicky or flashy, Bird is that down-to-earth, blue collar rapper that constantly gets overlooked as one of the country’s best. Birdapres gets it done with his distinct voice and dependable flow, reflecting on life as a rapper and everyday Joe. He puts a spin on rapping about rap by relating it to his regular life, teaming with Moka Only to express their early rhyme experiences on "High School Shit” and later he opens up about the often daunting trips he made to Toronto to advance his rap career on "The Winter.” Bird also discusses life in Hollywood North on "City of Glass,” surviving as a low-income rapper on "We Need New Shoes,” and avoiding conflict on "Your Beef,” but he doesn’t shy away from getting his party on either with "Do That Dance (Shake and Go at It).” It’s finally time to catch on, people. (Peanuts & Corn)