​Billy Joel Is to Blame for Bruce Springsteen's Broken Motorcycle

​Billy Joel Is to Blame for Bruce Springsteen's Broken Motorcycle
A couple weeks ago, Bruce Springsteen made headlines when he wound up stranded at the side of the road just outside his New Jersey hometown. His motorcycle broke down, but thankfully, the Boss was rescued by a gang of bikers that had been celebrating Veterans Day at a legion nearby.
Now, Billy Joel has revealed that he's to blame for the motorcycle mishap. The piano man himself apparently hand-built the bike at a shop called 20th Century Cycles in Long Island, NY, and gave it to Springsteen as a gift.
At a concert in New York City earlier this week (November 21), Joel told his audience that he had called his buddy Bruce after seeing the news and asked, "Was that the bike I built for you?" Turns out it totally was, which prompted an apology from Joel and a "no worries" from Springsteen.
After all, things ended up working out okay for the Boss. As previously reported, the bikers from the Freehold American Legion gave him a ride to a nearby bar and kept him company while he waited for his ride home to show up.
As an act of contrition, Joel treated the crowd at Madison Square Garden to a cover of "Born to Run" on Monday evening. Check out some fan-shot footage of the performance below.