Bill Callahan Documented in New Concert Film

Bill Callahan Documented in New Concert Film
Last year, prolific indie singer-songwriter Bill Callahan dropped his rustic, "back-to-the-earth" epic Apocalypse and promptly hit the road to support it. In case you missed out on any of those dates, you will now be able to see what went down in the upcoming tour documentary, Apocalypse: A Bill Callahan Tour Film.

According to filmmaker Hanly Banks's write-up on the project, the succinctly titled film is a "psychedelic thingamajig" that collects a series of concert performances and off-stage goings-on from Callahan's Apocalypse tour.

While the flick will highlight the performer's new tunes, Banks touts the more personal aspects of the film as well, explaining that the doc offers "a rare glimpse into the tour van windows of an important American songwriter."

You can check out the trailer, which showcases concert scenes, cow pastures and fireworks displays, down below.

Banks was running a Kickstarter page to try and secure funds to put towards mixing and mastering the colour and the sound, but the donations received (currently hovering above $6,700) have already surpassed his goal of $5,000. However good-natured your intentions may be, the moviemaker is now telling people to stop sending donations.

"WE ARE NOT ASKING FOR ANY MORE DONATIONS," Banks writes. "Don't wanna take more than we need, naw'mean?"

A release date has yet been set, but Banks is planning for a spring release.

Thanks to the Fader for the tip.