Bikini Kill/Le Tigre's Kathleen Hanna Gets Documentary Treatment

Bikini Kill/Le Tigre's Kathleen Hanna Gets Documentary Treatment
An upcoming documentary plans to celebrate iconic artist Kathleen Hanna. Considering the musician's long and storied career, from her involvement in the riot grrl movement to her performances with groups like the punky Bikini Kill and feminist electro poppers Le Tigre, there is a lot of material to cover. Oh, there's also her old beef with Courtney Love, which reportedly had her getting punched out by the Hole singer at a Lollapalooza gig in the '90s. That last one probably won't make it in, though.

Prefix reports that director Sini Anderson is currently putting together footage for The Kathleen Hanna Project, which will cover the many areas of Hanna's career. While it will definitely touch upon her musical, artistic and political feats, one aim of the flick is also to analyze Hanna's impact on pop culture.

A Facebook page for the film explains, "The Kathleen Hanna Project seeks to marry cultural history with personal narrative to answer the more sophisticated and compelling question of who Kathleen Hanna is and why she has provided such a provocative symbol for people to rally both in support of, and against."

Though the film has no specific release date, Anderson hopes to get the flick into the festival circuit sometime next year.

Meanwhile, if you have some spare vacation time, a benefit gig for the flick will be held next month in New York that will raise funds for production costs. Prefix points to the concert, titled "The Kathleen Hanna Project, a.k.a. Who Told You Christmas Wasn't Cool?," which finds a number of Hanna's friends and supporters toasting her through song. Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon is slated to perform, as is her daughter Coco's band She Murders.

Other groups, including Care Bears on Fire, Making Friendz, the Roulettes, and MEN (featuring Le Tigre's JD Samson), will take to the stage of Brooklyn's Knitting Factory on December 11. Bands are rumoured to be tackling songs from Hanna's back catalogue all through the night.