Big Boi and Krist Novoselic Aren't on the New Modest Mouse Album

Big Boi and Krist Novoselic Aren't on the New Modest Mouse Album
The wait for Modest Mouse's new album has been protracted to say the very least, but along the way, fans were tantalized with studio reports that the band had hooked up with Outkast rapper Big Boi and Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic. Now that Strangers to Ourselves is finally almost here, it turns out that those collaborations won't be on it after all.

Drummer Jeremiah Green revealed the news during an interview on the podcast The Shit Show. He explained that the recordings with the aforementioned collaborators didn't make the cut for the album, but hinted that we may eventually hear the songs as B-sides.

He also added that Big Boi's role was primarily as a producer. "He didn't want to rap on it or anything like that," Green said. An early version of the single "Lampshades on Fire" was recorded with Big Boi.

Green also shed some light on why it took so many years to put this album together, indicating that the band went through multiple producers. "Some of those songs, we recorded many times," he said. "All different versions of them."

Consequently, he explained, "We have a lot of B-sides. We wrote a lot of songs for this record."

So maybe we'll hear even more from Modest Mouse soon. Hear the interview with Green over here.

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